Polyurethane Injections

Polyurethane injection is the best solution when water is leaking through cracks or joints in any type of concrete structure.

In nonstructural water related repairs polyurethane grout is generally the material of choice. This is true for most below grade repairs including basements, tunnels, parking garages and manholes. Polyurethane injection is often performed in a wet environment where adhesives for surface ports cannot be used. Mechanical packers are installed by drilling a hole into the structure, inserting the packer and mechanically tightening. Polyurethane grout is then injected at high pressures, between 300 and 3,000 psi.

Two types of polyurethane grouts are used, hydrophobic or hydrophilic.

Hydrophobic grout will repel water, has high expansion, and cures rigid. Hydrophilic grout will absorb the water it finds in the soil or concrete, has lower expansion, and cures to a flexible foam. Both grouts are water activated and designed for use in a wet environment. Polyurethane grout can also be used for soil stabilization and void filling.